Three best buds raising money and crushing WODs

Fight Gone Afghanistan

Fight Gone Bad 5 is in a little over 7 days! One week people!

When contemplating my next move in this Fight Gone Blog game, I was reminded of the new additions that CrossFit Central has to their fundraising project.

Mike Osburn, a CrossFitter working in East Afghanistan, rallied a team of soldiers in Kunar Province (where LT Michael Murphy earned the Medal of Honor and subsequently where the Hero WOD, Murph, came from) to sign up under the CrossFit Central team & participate in Fight Gone Bad 5! Their goal is to raise over $3500 for the Wounded Warrior Project & The Livestrong Foundation. This goal is also to raise more money through the event in AFG than the rest of the international region combined!
This group is rallying together despite a general lack of basic equipment. “It almost resembles more of an apartment complex ‘fitness room.’ Think very small with a few machines. Luckily there are some heavy plates and barbells when we need to get in a strength day, not to mention a pull up bar or two on base,” Mike reported. That’s definitely something to think about when we are set up on huge Sony production stages or lush all-weather HS practice fields.

Muscle-ups AFG style

I can’t tell you how huge of an honor it is for us to have them think of our CrossFit Central box as their home base for this. As Mike had mentioned previously, “I can think of no better way than soldiers, who are working in Afghanistan, to participate in FGB5 to raise money for soldiers who have served in Afghanistan. We are excited to have soldiers in one of the most kinetic areas of Afghanistan participating in raising money for wounded warriors.” They are doing FGB while on deployment!
 The philosophy behind this group getting into FGB5 is incredibly inspiring. The fact that they are making do with little to no equipment in attempt to raise money from halfway around the world, goes to show the significance of this fundraiser.  I personally am so excited by their motivation to do this WOD in solidarity with the CrossFit Community.   There is really no excuse for you not to sign up and do it yourself… Or at least to donate.
And I’m not even asking you to donate to me anymore. Help out Sam or one of these amazing individuals by searching for their first name on the Donate page and contributing to their funds.
The Team from Kunar Province, Afghanistan:
CPT  Mike Holbrook
SSG Vincent Ruiz
CS3  Rahkeem Daniels
SPC Simon Pompa
1LT   Vino Darmarajah
MAJ  Brian Elliott
SPC McLean Raybon
Dan Krimowski
Mark Lowe
Mike Osburn
Check out the Provincial Reconstruction Team’s  Facebook page &  Blog.
Another inspiring Fight Gone Bad Athlete, is my good buddy since 4th grade- Harris Kashtan. His donation page caught my attention: “For those not familiar with the organization, the Wounded Warrior project provides services to those brave Americans who have been wounded in action serving our country. As a future military doctor, the care of these individuals will be my profession and as such, I feel a particularily close connection with the mission of this organization.” How freaking cool is that!!

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